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Grueling off-season pays off for Kapeechkin!

Well even a clock is right once day - and for the big man Russ - that day was today!

Scoring was hot for Round 2, and with a huge field of 68, it was Russ and the serial pest Scott Gill who came out on top tieing each other on 44 stab points and 8 under their cap. But it was Russ on the countback who claimed the victory. Rounding at third was Ryan Kitto in a moon boot, bouncing back from a disastrous first round - scoring 43 points and a date with the handicapper also!

Starting Round 3 with the pink ball will be Ryan Galati who had a day to forget notching up 14 points!

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1 comentário

Ken Smyth
Ken Smyth
20 de fev. de 2022

What a great effort. Congrats to all place getters.

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