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Our Mission

Our mission is simple –

provide a relaxed, social, fun – yet competitive golf community!


To be considered one of Australia’s most exciting, innovative and collaborative social golf communities.  Fostering and encouraging more people to take up the game of golf and enjoy a few laughs at the same time.


  • Provide an opportunity for all people of all levels to access the game of golf in a fun and relaxed – yet competitive environment

  • Maintain the integrity of golf competitions whilst providing a unique social golf club experience for members and visitors

  • Never take ourselves too seriously and remember why we started this club in the first place – banter, beers and golf.


Pictured is our team consisting of Dwayne Scicluna (treasurer), Andrew Ward (secretary), Tony Byrnes (President & GCGC Captain) and Matt MCLaren (handicapping).  Absent are Adam Bain (SCGC Captain), Dan Mortimer (OGC Captain) and Daniel Rock (AGC Captain).

who we are

Golf Crew Australia was established in 2016 and was initially set up by a group of school teachers who may not have had too much skill on the golf course, but knew they enjoyed escaping work, throwing around some banter and chasing a golf ball.

Fast forward to 2019 and we landed at Golf Crew Australia and the introduction of Gold Coast Golf Crew with 21 financial members.  In 2020 Orange Golf Crew burst onto the scene, followed by Sunshine Coast Golf Crew in 2022.  Our financial members grew exponentially, growing by more than 200% each year.  In 2023 GCA will see their latest addition to the family - Adelaide Golf Crew.

Golf Crew Australia welcomes players of all ages, sex and ability levels. GA handicaps are used and rounds recorded as official competition rounds in Golf Link for those with actual GA handicaps. However, players do not need a GA handicap to participate and having our own social handicapping system modelled off the WHS means not having one does not disadvantage you at all in any events.

GCA always welcomes new members and visitors. Please contact us and come and join us for a round.

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