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As well as the opportunity to be a part of your own Crew and win a season championship, being a part of GCA also means you can enter National GCA events and represent the GCA team!

GCA hosts the GCA Club Championships, Presidents Cup and the Taylormade National Order of Merit!



Each year the top 60 players across each 'crew' have the opportunity to represent Golf Crew Australia at the annual Drummond Golf Presidents Cup.  This event is always played on the Gold Coast against our great mates Brisbane Fairways, Albany Creek SGC and Brisbane City Council SGC.

2021 champion 

Golf Crew Australia

2022 champion

Golf Crew Australia


GCA club championships

If its a golf trip you want - its a golf trip ye shall get!

Each year its crew v crew, person v person to decide the best golfer in Golf Crew Australia! 2022 was the inaugural year held at the magic Bonville Golf Resort.  in 2023 we head to the Sunshine Coast and also introduce a Crew V Crew battle! Home ground advantage for SCGC surely....



chAmpion - Levi Clarke 

runner up -Yo Merckel


order of

Launching in 2023 will be our special 'side-pot' event for GCA members participating in a season race - The Taylormade Order of Merit! Players will be able to use selected rounds played for their respective 'Crew' as merit points towards a national OOM. 

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