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meet our mates!


Platinum sponsors support the whole show.  They contribute a significant amount of support to Golf Crew Australia to help us manage each respective 'Crew".  We wouldn't be able to give the support we do to each of our Crews if we didn't have these guys on board.  We are forever grateful! 


tier 1

Tier 1 sponsors are our big mates.  They contribute a significant amount of support to their respective Crews.  They sponsor a complete season race including the trophy, season champions and a number of events.   You will probably see them on our signage and merchandise as well.  We wouldn't be here today if wasn't for the generous support of these legends!

tier 2

Tier 2 sponsors support a whole event - and usually the big ones - honour board events.  The get their own trophy and on-course signage to show how much we love them.  Their sponsorship means some pretty sweet prizes for the winners of these events as well!

tier 3

Finally Tier 3 - we can't forget these champions.  Support from Tier 1 sponsors means we can give out some great prizes a a variety of events.  They either donate merchandise or even sponsors a NTP or Long Drive hole! 

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