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Ben Malcolm & Yo Merckel are the Goodyear Masters Champions for 2022!

Another Goodyear Ashmore Masters - and another tough day at the office! Links Hope Island turned on a magic day and had the course set for difficult - with the blue tees allllll the way back and pin positions tucked away in valleys of death. Scoring proved difficult with only 8 out of the 70 payers finishing in the red!

In the end it was Ben Malcom (A grade) and Yo Mi Goring Merquel (B grade) who had the golf sticks working all day finishing on 40 points (-4) and 42 (-6) respectively. Coming in at 2nd place was J-Dog Andracchio and 3rd was T-Square Scicluna with both finishing on 41 (-5). Ben Malcolm was also our best gross for the day with 78 hits - very impressive! Honourable mention for last place was ALMOST Ryan Galati again but he got pipped in a countback by Russ Kapeechkin!

Huge thanks to Josh Kennedy and the team at Goodyear Ashmore for sponsoring this huge event!

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