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Bradley Collins kick-starts his OGC Season 3 race with the W!

In a star-studded field, it was Bradley Collins who rose to the top, smashing his nearest rival Sammy Coote by 4 shots to take the win on 43 points and 7 under his handicap. Not only has Bradley earned himself the season's first blue trophy - but also a date with the handicapper who will slash him at the knees!

With Sammy Coote taking 2nd, it was OGC club captain Dan Mortimer taking 3rd also finishing in red figures with 1 under his handicap. Starting round 2 in the shit-pink hat will be Mitchell Pearce who shot a forgettable 21 stab points....ouch.

Honorable mentions go to first-gamers Adam Harrison and Nick Quinn with a respectable 28 points each.

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