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And the Axe is done and dusted for 2023.

The Glades turned it on for the conclusion of the Lumber Punks Captains Axe - the place where it all began in 2021. Congratulations Dan Byrnes for keeping the streak going and successfully leading the Captains to a 3rd straight dominant win over the weak as p!ss Vice-Captains.

The final ledger will show the Captains winning 39 matches to the VCs 31. Benny BigBallz, whilst winning his match, couldn't rally the troops enough to get a few more wins. Bad luck Benny, but don't feel too bad, those that stood before you could not get the job done either.

Now the impossible task has been handed over to Rowan Greene. Rowan will attempt the Everest climb against none other than his better golfing brother Dan Greene. Dan was quoted saying "I look forward taking the Captains to a 4-0 record in 2024". Whilst Rowan was quoted saying "Why the hell give the poisoned chalice to me? And against my better golfing brother to??"

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