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Well no surprise here....but ANOTHER day with magic weather on the Sunshine Coast (albeit a little fresh early in the morning)!

36 players took the scenic trip out to the beautiful Maleny Golf Course to see what all the fuss was about - and for most it was worth the trip! For others, they saw first hand just how much teeth this course really has! If you found the thick stuff, it was goodbye and when you did the fairway, the next challenge was sticking it close and having a 2-putt!

Only 5 players managed to break their handicap for this event, and no surprises but local knowledge proved crucial for this one with home club advantage (as well as some very nice golf) helping carry Mike Dimitriou to the W! The Dima finished with a very impressive 41 points to seal the win. He also carded best gross with 77 bits off the stick!

Hot on his heels (and fresh after playing the same course the day before) was GCGC player Darren Gibson with an equally impressive 40 points! And rounding out third place was 'who killed' Kenny Arnold with a great 39 points. Honourable mentions for also breaking their handicap for this one go to Lappy Lapham, and The Schomberg.

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1 Comment

Jul 02, 2023

Dimma. King of the hill 🤟

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