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Mick 'ICEMAN' Gander 2022 GCGC Season Champ!

This season once again proved how critical performing well in the Finale round is! Whilst we had about 10-12 members with a mathematical chance of glory - it was the final 2 groupings who were in the box seat and could seal it with one final solid performance.

Throughout the season it was Ryan Kitto and Jeremy Andracchio trading blows and holding the lead for extended periods, before the dust settling and Kitto keeping the slender lead over defending champion Ethan White for the final round. Jeremy managed to hold on to 3rd and Scott Gill hovering around the top all year like a bad smell. Lurking from the shadows though was the quiet Mick Gander.....

Fast forward to close of play Sunday and the top contenders all went to water. The immense pressure of a season championship was clearly too much to bear for Kitto and Andracchio who crumbled like day old dog poo. Gill and White managed to scrape together an above average round but it wasn't enough....

Cometh the hour, cometh the man - Mick Gander. Now known as Ice-Man, Gander was unshakeable. Bombing drives all day down the middle and hitting greens in regulation like a pro. Taking the Championship over Kitto by 13 points! A huge congratulations to Kitto and Gander though. Kitto was amazing all year and earned the target all season by putting in the hard yards.

This victory will be one for the ages. Up against the biggest fields GCGC has ever seen, Ice-Man stood up. No one had seen it coming. According to the dictionary, a gander is a male goose, and also an insult meaning "simpleton," a bit like calling someone "a silly goose." Reports are now coming out about a bio-pic on his season win.

I believe its called "Whose the Goose now?"

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