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The OLIVE smashes up Palm Meadows!

Well it may not have been as hot as Brookwater - but certainly wasn't far off! The scoring was just as hot as well with 11 players beating their handicaps today - well done!

In the end, its a maiden victory for Christian Oliveira who had it on a string all day and couldn't do a thing wrong, smashing it with 45 stab points! Hot on his heels though was Yo Mi Goreng Merquel on 44 points - who also had a great day with the big dog! Rounding out third and another cracking day was Sir Kenneth Donnelly with a slick 43 points. Great golf gents!

Notable mentions go to Wade Marriott, birthday boy Ozzy Ainsworth, B-Dog Davis, Korbs Tahitahj, Prez Byrnes, Duckman Mallard and Caleb boat Oar, all breaking their handicap.

Our best golfer off the stick today was also Sir Kenneth Donnelly shooting an awesome 78 bits!

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